RegIIA (P00032) Protein Card

General Information
Name RegIIA
Alternative name(s) Reg2a
Organism Conus regius
Organism region Eastern Pacific
Organism diet vermivorous
Protein Type Wild type
Protein precursor RegIIA precursor (5529)

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily A superfamily
Cysteine framework I
Pharmacological family alpha conotoxin

Modified residues
17nh2C-term amidation
Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 1663.88
Monoisotopic Mass 1662.63
Isoelectric Point 8.42
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] NA


IC50: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

α3β2H. sapiens132.4nM[109.8-159.7]1.550uM AChCuny,H. et al. (2016)
R. norvegicus33nM+/-430uM AChFranco,A. et al. (2012)
α3β4H. sapiens45.6nM[31.5-65.9]0.9300uM AchCuny,H. et al. (2016)
R. norvegicus97nM+/-2030uM AChFranco,A. et al. (2012)
α4β2R. norvegicus >1uM30uM AChFranco,A. et al. (2012)
α7H. sapiens210 nM[170-270]1.2200 uM AchYu et al. (2018)
103nM+/-23200uM AChFranco,A. et al. (2012)
R. norvegicus41 nM[33-50]1.1200 uM AchYu et al. (2018)
α9α10H. sapiens(human a9 rat a10)>1uM 30uM AChFranco,A. et al. (2012)

Synthetic variants

Franco,A., Pisarewicz,K., Moller,C., Mora,D., Fields,G.B. and Mari,F. (2006) Hyperhydroxylation: a new strategy for neuronal targeting by venomous marine molluscs Prog. Mol. Subcell. Biol. 43:83
Cuny,H., Kompella,S.N., Tae,H.S., Yu,R. and Adams,D.J. (2016) Key Structural Determinants in the Agonist Binding Loops of Human β2 and β4 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunits Contribute to α3β4 Subtype Selectivity of α-Conotoxins. J. Biol. Chem. 291:23779-23792
Franco,A., Kompella,S.N., Akondi,K.B., Melaun,C., Daly,N.L., Luetje,C.W., Alewood,P.F., Craik,D.J., Adams,D.J. and Marí,F. (2012) RegIIA: an α4/7-conotoxin from the venom of Conus regius that potently blocks α3β4 nAChRs. Biochem. Pharmacol. 83:419-426
Yu, J., Zhu, X., Zhang, L., Kudryavtsev, D., Kasheverov, I., Lei, Y., Zhangsun, D., Tsetlin, V. and Luo, S. (2018) Species specificity of rat and human α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors towards different classes of peptide and protein antagonists Neuropharmacology 139:226-237

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Protein Precursor RegIIA precursor (5529)
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