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ID Name Alternative name(s) Organism Conopeptide class Gene superfamily
P08703 Conorfamide deamidated-As2b Conus austini conorfamide
P08702 Conorfamide deamidated-As1b Conus austini conorfamide
P08701 Conorfamide-As2a Conus austini conorfamide
P08700 Conorfamide-As1a Conus austini conorfamide
P05524 As25a As25b Conus austini conotoxin
P02830 AsXIVB As14b Conus austini conotoxin
P02828 AsXIVA As14a Conus austini conotoxin
P01473 AsVIIA As7a Conus austini conotoxin O1 superfamily