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ID Name Gene superfamily Organism Sequence
P01270 Contryphan-Am Conus amadis GCOwDPWC(nh2)
P01272 Contryphan-Lo Conus loroisii GCPwDPWC(nh2)
P02570 contryphan-M O2 superfamily Conus marmoreus N(Gla)S(Gla)CPwHPWC(nh2)
P01372 Contryphan-R O2 superfamily Conus radiatus GCOwEP(BTr)C(nh2)
P03549 Contryphan-S O2 superfamily Conus striatus (Striated cone) GCOwEPWC(nh2)
P01318 Contryphan-Sm O2 superfamily Conus stercusmuscarum GCOwQPWC(nh2)
P02622 Contryphan-Tx O2 superfamily Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone) GCOwQPYC(nh2)
P01309 Contryphan-Vn Conus ventricosus GDCPwKPWC(nh2)