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ID Name Gene superfamily Organism Sequence
P03552 Bromoheptapeptide Im Conus imperialis ZCGQA(BTr)C(nh2)
P04140 Cal16.1 Divergent MRCLSIFVLL Conus californicus ZGCVCNANAKFCCGE(nh2)
P03834 CnIIIC M superfamily Conus consors ZGCCNGPKGCSSKWCRDHARCC(nh2)
P02618 contulakin-G C superfamily Conus geographus (Geography cone) ZSEEGGSNA(gTr)KKPYIL
P04069 EIIA A superfamily Conus ermineus (Atlantic fish-hunting cone) ZTOGCCWNPACVKNRC(nh2)
P01691 MIIIA Conus magus (Magus cone) ZGCCNVPNGCSGRWCRDHAQCC(nh2)
P05376 Mr6.29 O2 superfamily Conus marmoreus ZC(Gla)DV(BTr)MPCTSSHW(Gla)CCSLDCEMYCTQI
P00038 PIB A superfamily Conus purpurascens ZSOGCCWNPACVKNRC(nh2)
P02707 SIIIA M superfamily Conus striatus (Striated cone) ZNCCNGGCSSKWCRDHARCC(nh2)
P01615 SIIIB M superfamily Conus striatus (Striated cone) ZNCCNGGCSSKWCKGHARCC(nh2)
P02524 SIVA A superfamily Conus striatus (Striated cone) ZKSLVP(gSr)VITTCCGYDOGTMCOOCRCTNSC(nh2)
P03754 Tx10c Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone) ZTCCGYRMCVOC(nh2)
P02788 Vi1361 Conus virgo ZCCPTMPECCRI(nh2)
P01672 ViVA T superfamily Conus virgo ZCCITIPECCRI(nh2)
P01671 ViVB T superfamily Conus virgo ZCCPTIPECCRV(nh2)