About ConoServer

ConoServer was created end 2007 in the laboratory of David Craik [1]. The database gives access to protein sequences, nucleic acid sequences and structural information on conopeptides. ConoServer's data are first collected from the peer reviewed literature and from publicly available databases, including UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, NCBI nucleotide (nt), and the World Wide Protein Data Bank. The data are then curated manually, which include the addition of references, the analysis of sequence regions, the identification of cysteine frameworks and gene superfamilies, and the identification of mature peptides in the precusor sequences. The database is updated several times a year, at irregular intervals.

The help page for the database and tools can be found here.

If you use the database in your publications and found it has been useful to your research, please cite the corresponding peer reviewed article. Citing the ConoServer reference will help us to get credits for it and continue its development. Thank you.

[1]Kaas,Q. et al. (2008) Bioinformatics 24:445-446


[2]Kaas,Q. et al. (2010) Toxicon 55:1491-1509