CnVIA (P01626) Protein Card

General Information
Name CnVIA
Alternative name(s) Cn6a
Organism Conus consors
Organism region Indo-Pacific
Organism diet piscivorous
Protein Type Wild type
Protein precursor CnVIA precursor (3139)
Notes A conopeptide corresponding to the mass of CnVIA was identified directly in the venom by Biass et al. 2009.

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily O1 superfamily
Cysteine framework VI/VII
Pharmacological family delta conotoxin

Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 3360.86
Monoisotopic Mass 3358.36
Isoelectric Point 3.28
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] 2980.00

Bulaj,G., DeLaCruz,R., Azimi-Zonooz,A., West,P., Watkins,M., Yoshikami,D. and Olivera,B.M. (2001) Delta-conotoxin structure/function through a cladistic analysis Biochemistry 40:13201-13208
Biass,D., Dutertre,S., Gerbault,A., Menou,J.L., Offord,R., Favreau,P. and Stöcklin,R. (2009) Comparative proteomic study of the venom of the piscivorous cone snail Conus consors. J Proteomics 72:210-218

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Protein Precursor CnVIA precursor (3139)
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