VxXXA (P01686) Protein Card

General Information
Name VxXXA
Alternative name(s) Vx20.1,VxXIIA
Organism Conus vexillum
Organism region Indo-Pacific
Organism diet vermivorous
Protein Type Wild type
Protein precursor VxXXA precursor (3630)
Vx105 precursor (7050)
Notes Framework: This framework was assigned to be XII on discovery of VxXXA , VxXXB and VxXXC (previously named VxXIIA, VxXIIB and VxXIIC respectively) 2006, which also had been used for conotoxins from the I superfamily (Brown et al. 2005). Loughnan et al. now propose framework designation XX (see reference).

Dimers: Mature D superfamily peptides form hetero-, homo- and pseudohomodimers (identical sequence, different posttranslational modifications). Entries for mature peptides in ConoServer are for monomers.

The swiss-prot card describes positions 25 and 29 as being hydroxyprolines which is in contradiction with Loughnan et al 2006.

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily D superfamily
Cysteine framework XX
Pharmacological family alpha conotoxin

Modified residues
Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 5127.80
Monoisotopic Mass 5124.01
Isoelectric Point 12.08
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] 8480.00

Loughnan,M., Nicke,A., Jones,A., Schroeder,C.I., Nevin,S.T., Adams,D.J., Alewood,P.F. and Lewis,R.J. (2006) Identification of a novel class of nicotinic receptor antagonists: dimeric conotoxins VxXIIA, VxXIIB, and VxXIIC from Conus vexillum J. Biol. Chem. 281:24745-24755
Loughnan,M.L., Nicke,A., Lawrence,N. and Lewis,R.J. (2009) Novel alphaD-conopeptides and their precursors identified by cDNA cloning define the D-conotoxin superfamily. Biochemistry 48:3717-3729
Prashanth,J.R., Dutertre,S., Jin,A.H., Lavergne,V., Hamilton,B., Cardoso,F.C., Griffin,J., Venter,D.J., Alewood,P.F. and Lewis,R.J. (2016) The role of defensive ecological interactions in the evolution of conotoxins. Mol. Ecol. 25:598-615

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Protein Precursor VxXXA precursor (3630)
Vx105 precursor (7050)
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