Mr1.1 (P02491) Protein Card

General Information
Name Mr1.1
Alternative name(s) Mr001
Organism Conus marmoreus
Organism region Indo-Pacific
Organism diet molluscivorous
Protein Type Wild type
Protein precursor Mr1.1 precursor (567)
Mr1.1 precursor (123)
Mr1.1 precursor (5365)
Notes Mr1.1 has been shown to have analgesic activity, inhibiting the inflammatory response to pain in a rat model (Peng 2010).

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily A superfamily
Cysteine framework I
Pharmacological family alpha conotoxin

Modified residues
17nh2C-term amidation
Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 1614.80
Monoisotopic Mass 1613.58
Isoelectric Point 5.63
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] NA


Percentage inhibition: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

TargetOrganism% inhibitionConcentrationAgonistRef
α1β1γδM. musculus3+/-31uM10uM AchPeng,C. et al. (2010)
α3β2R. norvegicus69+/-810uM100uM AchPeng,C. et al. (2010)
α3β4R. norvegicus51+/-1110uM100uM AchPeng,C. et al. (2010)
α4β2R. norvegicus010uM100uM AchPeng,C. et al. (2010)
α4β4R. norvegicus4+/-410uM100uM AchPeng,C. et al. (2010)
α6/α3β2R. norvegicus43+/-81uM100uM AchPeng,C. et al. (2010)
α6/α3β4R. norvegicus60+/-410uM100uM AchPeng,C. et al. (2010)
α7R. norvegicus65+/-81uM100uM AchPeng,C. et al. (2010)

Yuan,D.D., Han,Y.H., Wang,C.G. and Chi,C.W. (2007) From the identification of gene organization of alpha conotoxins to the cloning of novel toxins Toxicon 49:1135-1149
Peng,C., Chen,W., Sanders,T., Chew,G., Liu,J., Hawrot,E. and Chi,C. (2010) Chemical synthesis and characterization of two α4/7-conotoxins. Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sin. (Shanghai) 42:745-753
Dutertre,S., Jin,A.H., Kaas,Q., Jones,A., Alewood,P.F. and Lewis,R.J. (2013) Deep venomics reveals the mechanism for expanded peptide diversity in cone snail venom. Mol. Cell Proteomics 12:312-329

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Protein Precursor Mr1.1 precursor (567)
Mr1.1 precursor (123)
Mr1.1 precursor (5365)
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