MII [E11A] (P03892) Protein Card

General Information
Name MII [E11A]
Organism synthetic construct
Protein Type Synthetic
Parent MII
Notes MII[E11A] has 500-5300-fold discrimination over MII for alpha6 subtypes in human and other primates (Turner et al. 2009). MII[E11A] may discriminate between two alpha6beta2 nAChR subtypes in rodent, primate & human striatum- very-high-affinity and high-affinity. These possibly represent alpha6alpha4beta2beta3 and alpha6beta2beta3 respectively(in mouse). Very-high-affinity alpha6beta2* population was primarily decreased with moderate negrostriatal lesions, high-affinity component was affected only with a more severe lesion. (Bordia et al. 2007)

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily
Cysteine framework I
Pharmacological family alpha conotoxin

Modified residues
17nh2C-term amidation
Average Mass 1652.89
Monoisotopic Mass 1651.65
Isoelectric Point 8.42
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] NA


IC50: Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

α2β2R. norvegicus>10uM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
α2β4R. norvegicus >10uM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
α3β2R. norvegicus8.72nM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
16.9nM+/-2.90.770uM AchEverhart,D. et al. (2004)
α3β4R. norvegicus2.1uM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
α4β4R. norvegicus>10uM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
α6/α3β2R. norvegicus154pM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
α6/α3β2β3R. norvegicus160pM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
α6/α3β4R. norvegicus6.44nM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
α7R. norvegicus1.05uM100uM AchMcIntosh,J.M. et al. (2004)
a7*α6β2*H. sapiens(Autoradiography in striatum [caudate]. Very-high-affinity site.)0.072pM+/-0.026Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [caudate]. High-affinity site.)35pM+/-19Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [putamen]. Very-high-affinity site.)0.078pM+/-0.033Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [caudate]. High-affinity site.)60pM+/-19Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
M. musculus(Autoradiography in striatum. Very-high-affinity site.)0.029pM+/-0.013Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum. High-affinity site.)17pM+/-10Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
S. sciureus(Autoradiography in striatum [dorsal putamen]. Very-high-affinity site.)0.0049pM+/-0.0015Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [dorsal putamen]. High-affinity site.)33pM+/-22Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [lateral caudate]. Very-high-affinity site.)0.0083pM+/-0.0021Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [lateral caudate]. High-affinity site.)56pM+/-34Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [ventral putamen]. High-affinity site.)38pM+/-27Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [ventral putamen]. Very-high-affinity site.)0.0085pM+/-0.0021Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [medial caudate]. High-affinity site.)51pM+/-32Bordia,T. et al. (2007)
(Autoradiography in striatum [medial caudate]. Very-high-affinity site.)0.0097pM+/-0.0028Bordia,T. et al. (2007)

Everhart,D., Cartier,G.E., Malhotra,A., Gomes,A.V., McIntosh,J.M. and Luetje,C.W. (2004) Determinants of potency on alpha-conotoxin MII, a peptide antagonist of neuronal nicotinic receptors Biochemistry 43:2732-2737
Turner,M., Eidemiller,S., Martin,B., Narver,A., Marshall,J., Zemp,L., Cornell,K.A., McIntosh,J.M. and McDougal,O.M. (2009) Structural basis for alpha-conotoxin potency and selectivity. Bioorg. Med. Chem. 17:5894-5899
McIntosh,J.M., Azam,L., Staheli,S., Dowell,C., Lindstrom,J.M., Kuryatov,A., Garrett,J.E., Marks,M.J. and Whiteaker,P. (2004) Analogs of alpha-conotoxin MII are selective for alpha6-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Mol. Pharmacol. 65:944-952
Bordia,T., Grady,S.R., McIntosh,J.M. and Quik,M. (2007) Nigrostriatal damage preferentially decreases a subpopulation of alpha6beta2* nAChRs in mouse, monkey, and Parkinson Mol. Pharmacol. 72:52-61

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