CnID (P05348) Protein Card

General Information
Name CnID
Organism Conus consors
Organism region Indo-Pacific
Organism diet piscivorous
Protein Type Wild type
Protein precursor CnID precursor (5241)
Notes Violette 2012 describes that CnID is non modified but also report a peptide that they called [Hyp4]-CnID which is the same peptide but with 4-hydroxyproline. The differential modification of conopeptides is now a well established mechanism increasing venom diversity. Consequently, ConoServer now only records the maximally modified form of wild-type conopeptides, and therefore CnID is considered to incorporate a 4-hydroxyproline.

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily A superfamily
Cysteine framework I
Pharmacological family

Modified residues
Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 1331.51
Monoisotopic Mass 1330.45
Isoelectric Point 10.95
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] NA

Violette,A., Biass,D., Dutertre,S., Koua,D., Piquemal,D., Pierrat,F. and Favreau,P. (2012) Large-scale discovery of conopeptides and conoproteins in the injectable venom of a fish-hunting cone snail using a combined proteomic and transcriptomic approach. J Proteomics 75:5215-5225

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Protein Precursor CnID precursor (5241)
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