Vc7.2 (P06655) Protein Card

General Information
Name Vc7.2
Organism Conus victoriae
Organism region Indo-Pacific
Organism diet molluscivorous
Protein Type Wild type
Protein precursor Vc7.2 precursor (6383)
Notes Identified in the venom using mass spectrometry by Robinson et al. 2015.

Conopeptide class conotoxin
Gene superfamily H superfamily
Cysteine framework VI/VII
Pharmacological family

Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 2786.10
Monoisotopic Mass 2784.07
Isoelectric Point 5.10
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] 6990.00

Robinson,S.D., Safavi-Hemami,H., McIntosh,L.D., Purcell,A.W., Norton,R.S. and Papenfuss,A.T. (2014) Diversity of Conotoxin Gene Superfamilies in the Venomous Snail, Conus victoriae. PLoS ONE 9
Robinson,S.D., Safavi-Hemami,H., Raghuraman,S., Imperial,J.S., Papenfuss,A.T., Teichert,R.W., Purcell,A.W., Olivera,B.M. and Norton,R.S. (2015) Discovery by proteogenomics and characterization of an RF-amide neuropeptide from cone snail venom. J Proteomics 114:38-47
Nielsen, L.D., Foged, M.M., Albert, A., Bertelsen, A.B., Søltoft, C.L., Robinson, S.D., Petersen, S.V., Purcell, A.W., Olivera, B.M., Norton, R.S. and Vasskog, T. (2019) The three-dimensional structure of an H-superfamily conotoxin reveals a granulin fold arising from a common ICK cysteine framework Journal of Biological Chemistry 294:8745-8759

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Protein Precursor Vc7.2 precursor (6383)
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