Con-Ins T1A B Chain (P08359) Protein Card

General Information
Name Con-Ins T1A B Chain (named by ConoServer)
Organism Conus tulipa (tulip cone)
Organism region Indo-Pacific
Organism diet piscivorous
Protein Type Wild type
Protein precursor Con-Ins T1A precursor (7891)

Conopeptide class coninsulin
Gene superfamily Insulin superfamily
Pharmacological family

Sequence evidence nucleic acid level
Average Mass 2520.77
Monoisotopic Mass 2519.11
Isoelectric Point 6.43
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] 2980.00

Ahorukomeye, P., Disotuar, M.M., Gajewiak, J., Karanth, S., Watkins, M., Robinson, S.D., Salcedo, P.F., Smith, N.A., Smith, B.J., Schlegel, A. and Forbes, B.E. (2019) Fish-hunting cone snail venoms are a rich source of minimized ligands of the vertebrate insulin receptor eLife 8

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Protein Precursor Con-Ins T1A precursor (7891)
Nucleic acids Con-Ins T1A precursor

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