Conomarphin Eu1 (P08991) Protein Card

General Information
Name Conomarphin Eu1
Alternative name(s) Conomarphin Eb1
Organism Conus eburneus
Organism diet generalist
Protein Type Wild type

Mendoza et al.,2019 reported that D‐Phe13 is critical to the biological activity of conomarphins, while amino acid changes at position 10 and removal of post-translational modification in Hyp10Pro can be tolerated. They also reported that treatment of Conomarphin Eb1 in P. padulosa caused sluggishness (>0.5 nmol), with minimal exposure of foot and cephalic tentacles (>5 nmol), while elicit no effects on C.auratus and mice.

Two variants of Conomarphin Eu1 have been found in the venom of C. eburneus: GWVYHAHP(Gla)ONSFWT and GWVYHAHOEONSFWT (Itang et al., 2020).

Conopeptide class conomarphin
Gene superfamily
Pharmacological family

Modified residues
Sequence evidence protein level
Average Mass 1843.98
Monoisotopic Mass 1842.81
Isoelectric Point 6.99
Extinction Coefficient [280nm] 12490.00

Synthetic variants
Conomarphin Eb1[(Hyp)10A]GWVYHAHPEANSfWT
Conomarphin Eb1[(Hyp)10P]GWVYHAHPEPNSfWT
Conomarphin Eb1[f13A]GWVYHAHPEONSAWT
Conomarphin Eb1[f13F]GWVYHAHPEONSFWT

Mendoza,C.B., Masacupan,D.J.M., Batoctoy,D.C.R., Yu,E.T., Lluisma,A.O. and Salvador-Reyes,L.A. (2019) Conomarphins cause paralysis in mollusk: Critical and tunable structural elements for bioactivity. J. Pept. Sci. 25
Itang,C.E.M.M., Gaza,J.T., Masacupan,D.J.M., Batoctoy,D.C.R., Chen,Y.J., Nellas,R.B. and Yu,E.T. (2020) Identification of Conomarphin Variants in the Conus eburneus Venom and the Effect of Sequence and PTM Variations on Conomarphin Conformations. Mar Drugs 18

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