Calculated solution structure of [D-Trp3]-Contryphan-Vc2 (S00218) Structure Card

General Information
Name Calculated solution structure of [D-Trp3]-Contryphan-Vc2
Gene superfamily O2 superfamily
Cysteine framework
Organism Conus victoriae
Structure type NMR
Protein Type Wild type

Drane,S.B., Robinson,S.D., MacRaild,C.A., Chhabra,S., Chittoor,B., Morales,R.A., Leung,E.W., Belgi,A., Espino,S.S., Olivera,B.M., Robinson,A.J., Chalmers,D.K. and Norton,R.S. (2017) Structure and activity of contryphan-Vc2: Importance of the d-amino acid residue. Toxicon 129:113-122

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Protein Contryphan-Vc2

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Protein Data Bank 5L34
Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank 30152

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