Con-Vc11-22 (S00219) Structure Card

General Information
Name Con-Vc11-22
Gene superfamily
Cysteine framework
Organism synthetic construct
Structure type NMR
Protein Type Synthetic

Chittoor,B., Krishnarjuna,B., Morales,R.A.V., MacRaild,C.A., Sadek,M., Leung,E.W.W., Robinson,S.D., Pennington,M.W. and Norton,R.S. (2017) The Single Disulfide-Directed β-Hairpin Fold. Dynamics, Stability, and Engineering. Biochemistry 56:2455-2466

Internal links
Protein contryphan-Vc1[1-22]

External links
Protein Data Bank 5KKM
Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank 30124

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