NMR structure of native EpI (S00237) Structure Card

General Information
Name NMR structure of native EpI
Gene superfamily A superfamily
Cysteine framework I
Organism Conus episcopatus
Structure type NMR
Protein Type Wild type

Ho,T.N.T., Lee,H.S., Swaminathan,S., Goodwin,L., Rai,N., Ushay,B., Lewis,R.J. and Conibear,A.C. (2021) Posttranslational modifications of α-conotoxins: sulfotyrosine and C-terminal amidation stabilise structures and increase acetylcholine receptor binding. RSC Med Chem 12:1574-1584

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Protein EpI

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Protein Data Bank 7N24
Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank 30920

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