ConoMass (step 2): identify peptides in mass list

This tool require the following parameters: a result file from the differential PTM mass tool or a session id from this tool.
Working example:
  • Download a partial electrospray mass file from Conus striatus;
  • Download results of the ConoMass (step 1) for all peptide from Conus striatus in ConoServer;
  • Upload the electrospay mass file, choose the monoisotopic mass, and a mass correction of 0;
  • Upload the ConoMass (step 1) result file;
  • Choose a precision of 0.1; and press the button "Start analysis".
  • Upload mass spectrometry file

    Accepted format are .csv, .rtf and .txt (file extension is used for detection)


    Select the column with the masses to be searched in:
    Those masses are : Mass correction:

    List of peptide sequences

    Please provide a PTM differential mass file (raw text format):


    a PTM differential mass computation ID:


    Error between experimental and computed masses: