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ID Name Alternative name(s) Organism Conopeptide class Gene superfamily
P05524 As25a As25b Conus austini conotoxin
P01473 AsVIIA As7a Conus austini conotoxin O1 superfamily
P02828 AsXIVA As14a Conus austini conotoxin
P02830 AsXIVB As14b Conus austini conotoxin
P09000 AtVIA Conus ateralbus conotoxin
P07533 ConoCAP-Vila ConoCAP-a Conus villepinii conoCAP
P02481 Conophan-mus-V Conus mus conophan
P08702 Conorfamide deamidated-As1b Conus austini conorfamide
P08703 Conorfamide deamidated-As2b Conus austini conorfamide
P08700 Conorfamide-As1a Conus austini conorfamide
P08701 Conorfamide-As2a Conus austini conorfamide
P01317 Conorfamide-Sr1 CNF-Sr1 Conus spurius conorfamide
P03538 Conorfamide-Sr2 CNF-Sr2 Conus spurius conorfamide
P08699 Conorfamide-Sr3 CNF-Sr3 Conus spurius conorfamide
P02550 De13a DeXIIIA Conus delessertii conotoxin
P03629 De7b Conus delessertii conotoxin
P01496 DeVIIA De7a Conus delessertii conotoxin O1 superfamily
P00050 EI Conus ermineus conotoxin A superfamily
P04069 EIIA E1.3 Conus ermineus conotoxin A superfamily
P07538 EIIB Conus ermineus conotoxin
P01635 EIVA E4a Conus ermineus conotoxin
P01740 EIVB E4b Conus ermineus conotoxin
P01561 EVIA E6a Conus ermineus conotoxin O1 superfamily
P01499 FlfXIVA flf14a Conus anabathrum conotoxin R superfamily
P01498 FlfXIVB flf14b Conus anabathrum conotoxin R superfamily
P01497 FlfXIVC flf14c Conus anabathrum conotoxin R superfamily
P01307 Gamma-conopressin-vil Conus villepinii conopressin
P03752 SrIA Sr1A Conus spurius conotoxin A superfamily
P03901 SrIB Sr1B Conus spurius conotoxin A superfamily
P01618 SrVA Sr5.1,Sr5.2,Sr5.3,Sr5a Conus spurius conotoxin T superfamily
P01450 SrVIIA Sr7a Conus spurius conotoxin O1 superfamily
P02802 SrXIA Sr11.1,Sr11a Conus spurius conotoxin I2 superfamily
P01619 VilXIVA Vil14a Conus villepinii conotoxin R superfamily