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ID Name Alternative name(s) Organism Conopeptide class Gene superfamily
P05524 As25a As25b Conus austini conotoxin
P01473 AsVIIA As7a Conus austini conotoxin O1 superfamily
P02828 AsXIVA As14a Conus austini conotoxin
P02830 AsXIVB As14b Conus austini conotoxin
P08702 Conorfamide deamidated-As1b Conus austini conorfamide
P08703 Conorfamide deamidated-As2b Conus austini conorfamide
P08700 Conorfamide-As1a Conus austini conorfamide
P08701 Conorfamide-As2a Conus austini conorfamide