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ID ID Name Protein name Gene superfamily Structure type PDBcode Organism
243 S00243 Co-crystal structure of Ac-AChBPP in complex with RgIA RgIA A superfamily XRAY 7egr Conus regius
207 S00207 Solution structure of conotoxin reg3b reg3b NMR 6BX9 Conus regius
157 S00157 RegIIA NMR solution structure RegIIA A superfamily NMR Conus regius
123 S00123 Solution structure of RgIA RgIA A superfamily NMR Conus regius
118 S00118 alpha-RgIA, a Novel Conotoxin That Blocks the alpha9alpha10 nAChR RgIA A superfamily NMR 2JUT Conus regius