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ID Name Alternative name(s) Organism Conopeptide class Gene superfamily
P02526 BtX BeTX Conus betulinus conotoxin I2 superfamily
P01516 BtIIIA BeTXIa Conus betulinus conotoxin M superfamily
P01481 BeTXIb BtIIIB Conus betulinus conotoxin M superfamily
P07537 ConoNPY-Bt2 Cono-NPY Conus betulinus conoNPY
P07536 ConoNPY-Bt1 Cono-NPY1 Conus betulinus conoNPY
P06824 Fi3b Fi3a Conus figulinus conotoxin M superfamily
P09766 Contryphan-Lo2 Lo1158 Conus loroisii contryphan O2 superfamily
P01272 Contryphan-Lo1 Lo959 Conus loroisii contryphan