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ID Name Gene superfamily Organism Sequence
P01632 CnVIIA O1 superfamily Conus consors CKGKGAOCTRL(Mox)YDCCHGSCSSSKGRC(nh2)
P05530 Linear conopeptide-Cn2 Conus consors F
P02903 Sm1.3 A superfamily Conus stercusmuscarum GCCSNPVCHLEHSN(Mox)C(nh2)
P05838 Sm1.4 Conus stercusmuscarum I(Mox)YDCCSGSCSGYTGRC(nh2)
P03304 TxMKLT1-015 O1 superfamily Conus textile (Cloth-of-gold cone) CIEQFDPCD(Mox)IRHTCCVGVCFLMACI