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ID Name Gene superfamily Organism Sequence
P02501 AnIA Conus anemone CCSHPACAANNQD(sTy)C(nh2)
P00015 AnIB Conus anemone GGCCSHPACAANNQD(sTy)C(nh2)
P00017 AnIC Conus anemone GGCCSHPACFASNPD(sTy)C(nh2)
P00405 EpI A superfamily Conus episcopatus GCCSDPRCNMNNPD(sTy)C(nh2)
P00051 PnIA A superfamily Conus pennaceus GCCSLPPCAANNPD(sTy)C(nh2)
P00099 PnIB A superfamily Conus pennaceus GCCSLPPCALSNPD(sTy)C(nh2)
P04228 TiIA Conus tinianus GGCCSHPACQNNPD(sTy)C(nh2)